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Look Before You Spend, Think Before You Splurge

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Look Before You Spend, Think Before You Splurge

Managing money would have been so much easier if these pesky little expenses did not keep popping up! The best that one can do is to put away all one’s savings in a bank for the future and try to not to go overboard with one’s spending. . Today when stores sell products and services on credit and one can faces no problems in shopping with a credit card; we can clearly see how spending limits have increased. Thanks to credit cards, the buyer can put off thinking about payments for the purchase for over a month. It is a little like magic. Spend now, pay never! Well, not really never, as you do have to pay at the end of the month. Thus, if such a person makes a purchase which he really cannot afford, he will be going beyond his means by inviting a debt that he will need to repay. Spending money that you do not have is one of the most common mistakes that people make. And, as we all know, it is a mistake that comes with a heavy price. Sometimes it is that fashionable dress, at other times it is a gizmo. We run up credit card bills with gay abandon. I think of being perpetually indebted as the same as being perpetually ill. This illness called debt drains you of all energy and always burdens you. Often you feel you are just on the threshold of getting out of it, but you do not. On the same not, health related expenses can run up a high bill. Such expenses can leave us in debt for years to come because we were not prepared for them. Borrowing money or taking loans would be yet another way of landing up in a debt trap. These debt burdens could end up haunting us for a long while till we manage to repay them all. It is very easy to spend or borrow money, but when the time comes to repay this money, that is when we all start feeling the pinch. It is then that we start regretting having spent as much as we did. Of course, what takes the cake, when it comes to going bankrupt is losing money by gambling it away. The possibility of winning a gamble does exist. But there have been many a fool who thought he could count cards better. Getting out of debt is really tough, but not impossible. However, one should remember that getting into debt is a lot easier than getting out of it. Keeping close watch over the expenditure on a daily basis will give you an idea of where the money is vanishing. Another mode would be to stop using credit cards. This will bring down your debt burdens drastically. But avoiding impulsive shopping is easier said than done. If you have an EMI or a loan that needs to be repaid, consolidate the information and get in touch with the lenders. Keep them in the loop. Get a schedule for repayment. Look Before You Spend, Think Before You Splurge

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