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What Benefits Does A Travel Credit Card Offer?

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What Benefits Does A Travel Credit Card Offer?

If business or pleasure frequently take you to other destinations, then you will certainly want to take advantage of a travel credit card. These credit cards offer a number of options which can give you a great deal of savings over time, including free flights, merchandise, hotels rooms and much more. Here are some of the benefits of a travel credit card, and what you need to know to be able to select the right one for your needs. Travel cards, which are usually also called air miles credit cards, are very popular – but are not all the same. Some of these cards will only allow the points earned to be used to purchase other air travel tickets. This is rather limited when compared to what other credit cards will do. The point system will vary, too, as well as most of the other features. If it is just the miles that you want, you will quickly find that you can get miles on many different types of credit cards. While some cards do not particularly give you air miles, the points that they do give can often be translated into air miles and then used accordingly – with certain airlines. Besides the airline credit cards, this includes hotel cards, bank cards, diners cards and even your more typical rebate and even some debit cards. Travel credit cards offer a number of ways to earn the points you get. Most will give you one point for every dollar of purchase, but for many cards, this is about all they will give you points for. Other cards will usually offer a large up front point package when you make your first purchase – usually between 5 and 20 thousand points. Some cards will give you extra points when you fly on their airline. Beside all the points, though, which is a great incentive, you also need to look at the other features of the travel credit card, too. Look at the interest rate, because if you leave a balance on the card, eventually that is the rate you will be paying. Then look to see if there is a balance transfer option. This is great to use if you have balances on other cards and are paying interest on it. Transfer the amounts and get an interest free period to reduce your debt. Be aware of some little things like when your points expire. This could be bad if you are hoping to get a free trip in a couple of years to a nice vacation spot – only to discover your points have vanished. Also be sure to look and compare the various fees that apply, and the length of time given for the introductory offer it could be as little as three months or as long as fifteen. One other thing you will want to look for. This involves the availability of the airline. If you get an airline card, then you will want to make sure that it flies out of your local airport and that you can get a flight back on it, too. This should apply to most of your destinations, or you really will not be able to get the most benefit out of that type of credit card. Instead you may want to go with a bank card that you can use on nearly all airlines and still get a lot of points. What Benefits Does A Travel Credit Card Offer?

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