Truths Exposed – Things You Need To Know About Card Debt Consolidation

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A majority of us have yet to hear of as well as be aware of the concept and practice of card debt consolidation. In fact I hadnt thought of it on my own and wasnt aware of it until one of my friends and I were discussing money and she expressed an interest in this action called credit card debt consolidation. After I showed surprise and intrigue, she explained that one merges all balances on all credit cards into one credit card company or institutions plan. This move means many things: Firstly, card debt consolidation in short means one can let go of having to juggle the bills, or of having to – as my mother would say – rob Peter to pay Paul: instead of having, say, six credit card bills (with six different interest rates, additional fees, etc.), you have just one (with one annual fee, one interest rate, and one finance and processing charge). Next, card debt consolidation also means saving time. As with the above case, which more of us than not know all too well, the filing and figuring time are reduced significantly. And if one pays online, that time it would take to write checks, hit the mail box, etc. would shrink to a matter of about two minutes. Next, card debt consolidation usually means a major decrease of interest and other rates generally. In fact I know this one person who has credit cards with up to 29% interest charges on each card. Then another person who did the wise card debt consolidation move and now has not only ONE single interest rate to be concerned with but has that rate down to something like 1%! And lastly, the card debt consolidation effort does not mean haggling and hassling and humiliation. To a certain extent, depending on the government and/or financial institution you choose to go with, the application process takes approximately five minutes (or less, online, but one needs to be careful to find a SECURED site and therefore to take a little time to find out that the offer is legit in the first place). So, in order to cut your payments down by 50 or 60 percent; cut your time to almost nothing and shear years off your stress factor and therefore your aging processyou come out happier, healthier (at least mentally), and definitely better off financially. Now that I think on the offers for doing card debt consolidation that I get in the mail, I understand, too, that one could build up a better line of credit with one financial institution, having all amounts owed on one card, and having, basically, a higher credit limit overallhigher than one might have on each individual credit card. Of course not that the purpose here is to amass more debt, mind you! Truths Exposed – Things You Need To Know About Card Debt Consolidation

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・ Truths Exposed – Things You Need To Know About Card Debt Consolidation

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