Should You Start Your Life Together With A Wedding Loan?

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The short answer is an emphatic no While as a married couple you will incur a host of joint financial liabilities you will probably buy a house together, cars, perhaps acquire student loans, and find a host of other high ticket items that require prolonged financing the way to the altar should not be paved with them. However, they cannot always be avoiding in many cases and if you are going to take one out, be sure you do so with the best of intentions. Generally speaking, a wedding loan is a personal loan that is low enough to be easily obtained from a financial institution. Referring to it as a wedding loan is nothing more than an effective marketing tool sometimes these loans are called holiday loans, Christmas loans, or vacation loans. The rational is the same a small amount of ready cash is allotted to you that you may use any way you see fit, usually to purchase a service rather than a good. Thus, there is nothing securing the loan other than your signature. While the promise of ready cash is Siren song that many have fallen for, the reality catches up after the big event you are indebted and in addition to paying your regular bills which will wait for nobody, you now also have another payment for which you do not have a tangible item to show. Sure, you might have had a wonderful wedding with beautiful candles, bouquets of flowers everywhere, and stylish invites, but the candles broke when you moved into your apartment, the flowers have wilted, and the invites are being recycled by those to whom they were sent. A wedding loan is an unfortunate way of accumulating debt that is simply not necessary. Of course, you do have options. First and foremost, seek to save your money for the big event. Perhaps friends and family will help you and your partner save, and within a year, you might have a respectable amount of money. Secondly, sell some items you do not need and put the money into a short term investment account, such as a CD. This will not make you rich, but it will put the money out of your daily accounting and it will earn you a bit of interest. Last but not least, if you do not have the money for the lavish wedding of your dreams, set priorities. Perhaps you cannot afford the hand painted wedding china for the reception, but by saving on this aspect of the place setting, you might be able to afford the bridal veil that has captured your eye for such a long time now Quite possible the most dangerous pitfall that is akin to the wedding loan is the notion to finance your wedding with the help of a credit card. Sure, put down the plastic, sign on the dotted line, and the wedding gown is yours. Yet when the bill comes you will be amazed to see how long it will take for you to pay off the wedding loan you granted yourself. Should You Start Your Life Together With A Wedding Loan?

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・ Should You Start Your Life Together With A Wedding Loan?

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