Connecticut Real Estate Pleasant Northeastern Escape

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Connecticut is close to all the major attractions in the Northeast, but has much to offer on its own. If youre looking for a little peace in the Northeast, Connecticut real estate is a good option. Connecticut With a colonial history, beach towns and little seaside villages, Connecticut is a classic Northeastern state. Unlike its neighbors, Connecticut tends to be less populated and have a bit slower pace of life. Sitting close to New York City, Connecticut is a popular relocation spot for people working in the city, but trying to avoid the population crush. Hartford The capital of the state, Hartford is a modern city and considered the insurance company capital of the United States. With such a title, you might think Hartford isnt exactly a vibrant city. Unfortunately, youre correct. There isnt much to recommend the city if youre looking for nightlife or outdoor experiences. Real estate prices, however, are reasonable for the Northeast and it is a relatively short trip to more vibrant locations. Mystic Unlike Hartford, Mystic is town with a ton of culture. Located on the Atlantic seaboard, the town has a strong seafaring history and takes pride in it. With colonial architecture, the city is bursting with color as the leaves turn in the fall. A classic seaport, Mystic celebrates the history with maritime museums, classic whaling schooners and as pleasant a group of people as you will ever find. You can even order 5-cent beers in a few of the local taverns. Admittedly, the glasses are very small, but 5 cents is 5 cents! Connecticut Real Estate Connecticut real estate prices differ greatly from location to location. Generally, the closer the location is to New York City, the higher the prices. A single-family residence in Hartford will set you back $325,000, but prices range from the low $200,000 to over $1,000,000 throughout the state. On a positive note, Connecticut real estate has a strong growth pattern. Appreciate rates for 2005 were over 13 percent, which is above the national average. Connecticut Real Estate Pleasant Northeastern Escape

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・ Connecticut Real Estate Pleasant Northeastern Escape

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