Ohio boliglån og finansiering

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Når bør du refinansiere boliglån? Det er to hovedgrunner til å refinansiere boliglån: to get a more desirable rate and terms or to extract cash from the home’s equity. Begge disse grunnene kan selvfølgelig også bli oppfylt! Rate-og sikt refinansiering Rate-og sikt refinansiering lønner seg ett lån med inntektene fra det nye lånet, med samme egenskap som sikkerhet. This type of loan allows you to take advantage of lower interest rates or shorten the term of your mortgage to build equity faster. Rate-and-term refinancing refers to a myriad of strategies, including switching from an ARM to a fixed or vice versa. For eksempel, if you have an ARM that is set to adjust upward in a few months, you can refinance into a fixed-rate mortgage. Or if you have a fixed-rate loan and you know you will move in two or three years, you could refinance into a lower-rate 3/1 hybrid ARM. Cash-out refinancing Cash-out refinancing leaves you with additional cash above the amount needed to pay off your existing mortgage, avsluttende kostnader, points and any mortgage liens. You may use the additional cash for any purpose. For eksempel, say you bought your house for $150,000 a few years ago and borrowed $120,000. Now the house has an appraised value of $250,000 og du skylder $110,000. With a cash-out refinance, you could get a mortgage for $150,000. You would pay off the $110,000 you owe and pocket the $40,000 difference, minus closing costs. Ohio Mortgage Bankers Association To learn more about Ohio Mortgage options you can check with the Ohio Mortgage Bankers Association, grunnlagt i 1961. OMBA is a statewide organization devoted exclusively to the field of residential and commercial real estate finance. OMBA’s membership comprises mortgage originators and servicers, as well as investors, and a wide variety of mortgage industry-related firms. Mortgage banking firms engage directly in originating, selger, and servicing real estate investment portfolios. Members of OMBA include mortgage bankers, mortgage brokers, banker, mortgage insurance companies, attorneys, Kredittforeninger, saving & loans associations etcetera. OMBA is dedicated to the maintenance of a strong housing, residential and commercial, real estate finance system. This involves support for a strong economy; a public-private partnership for the production and maintenance of single and multi family home ownership opportunities; a strong secondary mortgage credit delivery system; equitable tax laws; suitable shelter for low income families and the disadvantaged; housing opportunities for the nation’s veterans; appropriate environmental measures; and fair and equitable bankruptcy laws. OMBA consists of 145 member companies which represent approximately 80% of the mortgage lending business in the State of Ohio. Ohio boliglån og finansiering

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