Which Way Are Trends Heading?

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Once youve decided that youre ready to buy a new home, youll probably find yourself noticing all sorts of things that might have escaped your attention in the past. Maybe youll even take a look at magazines, articles, websites, and TV shows that cover the many aspects of making a home that expresses your personality, your attitudes, and your philosophy of lifeand lifestyle. And if youve already started touring new homes, theres a high likelihood that you already have a growing checklist of must haves and maybes and definitely nots going. If youre reading this article, chances are you know exactly what were talking about. And youre packed and ready for the journey towards home ownership. So travel along with us as we explore whats new, whats growing in popularity, whats hip and hot, and whats up ahead in the not-so-distant future. Consider this article a road map. Keep in mind that it wont tell you where to head, Hoewel. No side streets, off-the-beaten-tracks or cul-de-sacs are shown. But when it comes to making a home your very own, its sometimes as much as about how you got there as it is reaching that final destination. Bon Voyage! Op dit moment, the most popular architectural look for new homes in South Texas is, without a doubt, right out of the Old World. More specifically, its the Italianate look of Tuscany and the sunny Mediterranean. With a little bit of Mexico and the Texas Hill Country thrown in for good measure. Which certainly makes a lot of sense, since South and Central Texas and the Rio Grande Valley have a lot in common, climate-wise, with that part of Europe. What are the signatures of this trendy style in a home? Instead of brick, look for stone and stucco. Preferably done with rustic finishes that have the patina of ageeven antiquity. Another element youll frequently see is a tile or metal roofboth of which are very sensible for our region. The optimum effect is one of the luxury of handcraftsmanship and things made to lastwell, practically forever. Perfect for a more gentle, gracious way of life. Which Way Are Trends Heading?

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・ Which Way Are Trends Heading?

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