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If you are selling you own home, you need to consider the effect of pets. People who are working with a real estate broker are sure to get coached about the potential negative effect of pets. If you arent working with a broker, this article discusses the pet issue. When You Show Your Home If you are selling you own home, you must realize a lovable pet might cause the following problems: 1. The potential buyer may be so nervous about dogs that she doesnt picture herself living in the home, 2. The potential buyer doesnt like pets and thus doesnt see her furniture in the home in her minds eye, 3. She doesnt picture the route shed drive to and from work, and doesnt imagine where shed stop for errands or fun along the way home. In het kort, the presence of pets makes it difficult for the potential buyer to see the house as their own. Is a potential buyer in that frame of mind likely to buy that home? No. Defense Against Pet Damage If you have pets and youre selling your home as a FSBO, take heed. Board your pet or pets while your property is on the market. You can visit it, and take it for walks and to the park, but dont take it home. Have carpets shampooed. If theyre really holding odors, you might even replace all or some of the carpet. Get any damage the pet has done repaired. Store or get rid of furniture you do not want to repair. Reseed the lawn and repair any damage to plantings. Youll find this is money and labor well spent. Pets are an integral part of many peoples lives and rightly so. While you may love your pet, keep in mind potential buyers may not. Verkopen van uw eigen huis huisdier kwesties

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