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आपण ऐकले havent तर, विद्यार्थी कर्ज व्याज आता आपल्या वैयक्तिक कर परत एक नेमण्यात आयटम आहे. ऑगस्ट रोजी 1, 2005 जुन्या जास्तीत जास्त विद्यार्थी कर्ज दर टोपी उचलला गेला होता, आणि नवीन परिणाम नाही होते. त्यामुळे नक्की काय होणार आपल्या विद्यमान विद्यार्थी कर्ज विचार असू शकतात प्रभावित होणार आहे. हे कसे आता पालक किंवा विद्यार्थी टॅक्स रिटर्न शेवटी परिणाम बदलेल? A lot of the associations that offer student loans told students that their best bet was to consolidate the existing loans and lock in the new lower interest rate, while it was still available, so that the new rate would affect their upcoming tax returns. The interest rate of a federal subsidized loan does not have the same huge affect as it does with a private or unsubsidized loan. When obtaining a deferred payment loan, which will also defer the interest payments on the loan, can drum up huge amounts of additional debt for the borrower since the interest actually accrues interest leading to a huge amount of debt very quickly. So this should tell you the huge effect the new law will have on those with student loans. The government, over a span of the last couple of years or so, has tried to promote the advancement of continued education, therefore allowing a deduction to be made on the interest payment of student loans. This deferred payment arrangement will allow the student to borrow the money, attend to their studies without the worries of payments over their head, and then after completing their education and obtaining their degree beginning their monthly payments. These types of deferred payment plans come in to types from the government; unsubsidized and subsidized. For students with need of financial assistance, the subsidized is prevalent. On this type, the government will pay the interest that is accrued until the time that the student is finished with school. The unsubsidized is the exact opposite, and the student will be responsible for the interest payments as it is accrued. Lenders have become wise to the benefits for them when it comes to deferred payments plans, in which the interest builds on top of the interest each and every month, as it builds onto their balance every single month. This generates huge income for the lender. The private loan sector has made a frequent business with the deferred payment loan, due to the fact that they are free of federal lending requirements that are normally attached to this loan type. Its usually fairly easy for these lenders to grant these loans because students dont usually realize the effects that these loans are going to have on their balance in the beginning, and blindly except and sign a contract on these terms. Usually at this point in a students life, debt management isnt a prevalent concern and the lenders are aware of this. Advice to these students should be to find a good credit counselor to assist them in looking over their choices before hastily signing on for any loan. विद्यार्थी कर्ज व्यवस्थापन जाणीव असणे आवश्यक आहे

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