Judgment Proof, Credit Repair And You

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Being deeply in debt usually means that the credit rating is also badly damaged. For some folks in this difficult position, doing nothing could be an effective way of dealing with their loans and credit situation and this is where the clarification of the term judgment proof comes in. People with very little income and property without expectation of change in either have really nothing to lose. They cannot go to jail for bad debt, and both state and federal laws protect them and what they need for essentials such as basic clothing, ordinary household furnishings, food and even Social Security and disability benefits. In essence it makes no sense for a creditor to take them to court because even if the creditor wins and obtains a judgment, they cannot collect on it. This is what judgment proof means. For these individuals not paying off debt and credit repair seems not to have a tangible impact on their finances. I said appears because this situation creates a deep hopelessness that really prevents people to take necessary action to improve their lives and their finances. If you are in this position, you know what I mean. I remember working in a neighborhood and with people in this situation for two years and the despair turned into violence was like a dark cloud that hid the sun. It was always there. If you are in this situation, I know it is hard to think clearly, but wouldnt it make sense to take steps to begin taking steps to get yourself out of it rather than thinking that you have nothing to lose so why bother? The point is all the things you can gain and not the things you do not have to lose. It is true that your creditors may not want to sue you if they do not think you will ever have the ability to pay or that they cannot collect, but what about you? Do you also think that you will never have the ability to pay off a debt? Debt like most things in life is a reflection of unrecognized opportunities. A lack of ability to pay off debt shows that you have yet to recognize something valuable in yourself that you can contribute and get paid for. One of the better debt counseling and credit repair suggestions that I can make to a person in debt is within the statement, Know Thyself. Really coming to understand this statement opens up opportunities beyond imagining. Call a debt counselor or a credit repair specialist, but by all means go to the library and also pick up a book to help you get to know yourself. Judgment Proof, Credit Repair And You

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・ Judgment Proof, Credit Repair And You

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