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Tenaga kerja dari dunia tumbuh pada kecepatan yang sangat cepat hari ini. Semua orang tampaknya baik bekerja di karir atau bekerja menuju satu. Kita semua ingin menjadi besar bahkan jika kita memulai sebagai semut kecil dalam perlombaan tikus dunia. Setidaknya, itu adalah sifat manusia untuk terus berharap untuk hal-hal yang seseorang tidak memiliki. Kami semua terus mencoba untuk menyimpan cukup untuk membeli jet pribadi atau pulau terpencil di Karibia. Namun, most of our incomes are spent in taking care of the various expenses of everyday life. Electricity bills, phone bills, tagihan belanjaan — they all add up, and by the end of the month, most of our money will have vanished into thin air. This means that the private jet and the island will have to wait. That is why we need to prepare an investment plan. What I have often noticed is that although many of us are keen to have an investment plan, we are unwilling to actually take steps to make things happen. Procrastination is one of our top flaws when it comes to making investment plans. Namun, this should be one of our top priorities. Given the amounts that get sucked away in taxes, it makes sense to have some tax-saving investments. Invest in some tax-saving fixed deposits that give a decent rate of interest. Or make a life insurance plan for yourself. If you are young enough now, in another twenty years or so, you should have amassed quite a bit. Mutual funds are also a popular investment plan. Namun, if you are not too keen on these so-called safe investment plans, you could consult a share broker to help you invest in the share markets. One of the safest and most popular investments would be to buy a house. Real estate prices are not likely to drop anytime soon. You will only benefit if you were to put your money in a piece of property in an area that is likely to see development in the coming years. Even if you do not have the money to buy a house, that is not good enough reason for not buying one. Hari ini, banks encourage house-buyers by giving them all kinds of loans to facilitate their house-buying plans. Decide on the house that you want, check out the available loans, tanda pada garis putus-putus, and you will have a good investment plan to last you a lifetime. Investasi Dalam Sebuah Rencana Investasi

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