Identity Theft – The Uks Fastest Growing Crime

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Over 100,000 Britons every year become victims of identity fraud and the figure is set to double by 2010. And no wonder. Your identity is among your biggest assets, valued at around 85,000. The Government estimates that the UK economy loses 1.7billion every year due to identity theft. No wonder it is reckoned to be the UKs fastest growing crime. And while it makes shocking reading, those of us who havent been victims of this scam probably think it wont happen to me. However, it can happen to you. No matter whether you are a young professional or a retired person, we are all at risk of having our identity stolen. Another misconception is that if it does happen, one simple phone call will sort it out. This couldnt be further from the truth as the thousands of victims will testify. A report from the National Consumer Council features harrowing case studies of victims who find that even months later, they are no longer able to get access to the simple things most of us take for granted such as a credit card or even utilities. They report a feeling of getting caught in a web of bureaucracy and that they are treated like criminals as they try and prove their own identity. It certainly is a sobering thought. That is why protecting your identity is something that needs to be taken seriously. While losing your hard earned cash and / or personal documents is traumatic enough, the knock on effect is the loss of your credit status and your reputation. Plus, lots of sleepless nights and endless phone calls trying to sort out the mess left by the fraudsters. There are simple things that you can do in order to lessen your chances of having your identity stolen. Shredding all documents that have your details on, especially junk mail offering pre-approved loans that are part completed; when buying online using only websites that you know you can trust; and generally being careful who you divulge your details too can all help. Also, consider investing in one of the identity theft insurance services that can, among other things, alert you to activities on your credit file and provide cover for legal fees up to a pre-agreed amount in case you do become a victim. Identity Theft – The Uks Fastest Growing Crime

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・ Identity Theft – The Uks Fastest Growing Crime

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