Are Your Finances Strong Enough To Repair Earthquake Damages?

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Are your finances strong enough to repair damages to your home and possessions caused by earthquakes? Unless youre wealthy, repairing damages to your home and possessions caused by earthquakes might pose strain on your finances, and lets face it damages caused by an earthquake are usually serious enough to need immediate repairing. Unfortunately, most basic homeowners insurance policies do not include the repair of damages caused to your home and your possessions due to an earthquake, nor do they compensate you for the damages and loss your valuables suffer due to an earthquake. And again, unless youre wealthy, your finances might not be able to stretch far enough to cover all of these costs yourself. Plus, some valuables just cant be replaced, such as family heirlooms. So, how can you get earthquake insurance? You can usually add additional coverage to your current homeowners insurance policy; this should be seriously considered by those that live in areas that are highly susceptible to earthquakes such as California. This additional coverage can include a plethora of factors, such as the repair and replacement of your earthquake-damaged property; the repair and replacement of the contents of your earthquake-damaged home; and even the cost of temporary living expenses in the event that your home is completely destroyed due to an earthquake. Additional insurance can also cover buildings adjacent to your home, such as a garage. Your premium for adding additional insurance for earthquakes will depend on several factors. Older homes, homes made of brick, and homes located in earthquake prone areas will generally have higher premiums than newer homes, homes made of wood, and homes not located in earthquake prone areas. When choosing additional insurance for earthquakes, you should choose to purchase enough coverage to pay for completely rebuilding your home and replacing or repairing your damages. This way, youll rest assured that you, your home, and your possessions are completely covered, no matter what. Are Your Finances Strong Enough To Repair Earthquake Damages?

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・ Are Your Finances Strong Enough To Repair Earthquake Damages?

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