Critical Illness Cover

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Critical Illness Cover in the UK pays out a tax free cash lump sum upon diagnosis of a specific critical illness such as heart attack, cancer, stroke, major organ transplant, coronary artery bypass surgery, multiple sclerosis, total permanent disability and kidney failure. You should always take time to read the Critical Illness Cover Key Features document for specific details of all the critical illnesses covered and for any exclusions i.e. HIV/AIDS or self inflicted injury. Critical Illness Cover in the UK can usually be taken out either in a sole person’s name or in joint names. Critical Illness Cover can usually be taken out for a specific term or for whole of life depending upon the purpose of the cover. Critical Illness Cover is either taken out within a policy which pays out on either the death of the life assured or on earlier diagnosis of a critical illness or just upon diagnosis of a critical illness. The premium to cover the cost of critical illness cover in the UK is usually either taken monthly or annually and the premium is either guaranteed to remain unchanged for the term of the policy or reviewable in say five years. Critical Illness Cover is often taken out to repay in full a liability such as a mortgage or a loan upon diagnosis of a specific critical illness or to provide a lump sum to make life more comfortable for the person with the critical illness and the family. The cost of providing Critical Illness Cover in the UK is normally based upon factors such as age, sex, health, term, smoking status, amount of cover and family medical history. Critical Illness Cover in the UK is available from many insurance companies-please contact a financial adviser for advice about taking out such cover. Critical Illness Cover

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